Mama Francina's G.U.I.L.D.

                                (Gifited, Uplifted, Inseparable Literary Descendants) 

                    is celebrating seven years of family reading together and growing   

                      intellectually  through literature, while honoring the memory of 

                        our beloved  Mother, Grandmother, and Great-Grandmother:

                                             ~ Janie Francina Russell Johnson~


Since 2010, bi-annually we have taken literary journeys all over the world in our fancy hats.  We began on the shores of Africa with Cornelia Bailey's "God, Dr. Buzzard and The Bolito Man", and have traveled domestically from Atlanta,  to Denver, with Tayari Jones and Carleen Brice respectively.


We have met award winning authors, been entertained by Actors, Geechee/Gullah Dancers, and even serenaded by renowned harpist, Leslie Kaufmann. 


Yes, we have taken some extraordinary journeys, and discussed some amazing prose; but we have yet to visit a tropical island - With that said, what better time than now!


Please join me for this year's "Fancy Hat Literary Luncheon" as we set sail for the West Indies with Lauren Francis-Sharma's debut novel, "'Til The Well Runs Dry."


So, select your favorite reading spot and your beverage of choice, then sit back, relax and enjoy your next cultural literary adventure. 


Looking forward to seeing everyone on May 30th in your "fanciest" hats!



  Jennie "JayBee"



Family, Community, Reading, and  Joy


Award winning author, Tayari Jones surprised guests with her attendance during the 2011 Fancy Hat Literary Luncheon


Please "Click" on her novel, "Silver Sparrow" to read her blog about the event







I Heart Book Clubs


Carleen Brice's 2nd novel Children of the Waters, was the Fancy Hat selection for 2013.  Ms. Brice's 1st novel, Orange, Mint, and Honey won an Essence Image Award and was made into a Lifetime movie entitled,

Sins of the Mother, featuring  Jill Scott


Ms. Brice traveled from Denver, CO to attend our luncheon and expounded upon her visit on her website.  "Click" on her book to

read her blog and view photos





Book Clubs Mean Business


Article by Nichole Bernier featuring short interview conducted with Jennie.  "Click" on photo to read article in its entirety.  Please be aware there are several errors that the author has since been made aware of.



Nichole Bernier is author of the novel The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D. (Crown/Random House, 2012), and a 14-year contributing editor with Conde Nast Traveler magazine. She can be found online at and @nicholebernier. 



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